IKS Free Trial for the best private server

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¿Where can i get the trial?

REGISTER AT WWW.FTA66.COM And send a pm to OverClock Forum admin, and in less than 4 days you'll receive your free trial... remember to keep on checking after the PM is sent because the Trial Lasts 5 days.

Channel List?

We offer most of the channels of charlie, however we don't offer static channel lists, as ECM come and go, some channels might go down for some days, and then get back up.. but most important channels like movies, sports and porns are always up, remember IKS FTA is our job.

What boxes work with it?

All iks Ready boxes, and old boxes with iks dongle will do fine.

IKS Ready boxes: jynxbox android hd, dreambox hd, dreamlink hd fta, sonicview 360-ihub, limesat air hd

Why only 5 days?

We provide the best IKS Private Server Service so we cannot keep it for free as we have alot of things to pay for, so if you enjoyed the 5 day trial, go for a sign up!

Support for FTA IKS66 at FTA66.COM

For more info or help you can always visit our forums at www.fta66.com

How to order a sub?

Just visit our main page, and remember you'll need a VISA credit card that is allowed for international payments. www.iks66.com